Safe, reliable, and efficient handling of nitrogen products is of the utmost importance to our company.

Products are available in a variety of industrial grades to meet a specific and diverse set of client requirements. Deliveries are made via our robust supply chain infrastructure to locations across Canada and the Central and Eastern United States.

Nitric Acid – HNO3

Nitric acid is delivered using dedicated nitric acid tank trailers in full bulk quantities.

Nitric acid is a highly corrosive strong inorganic acid with the chemical composition HN03. In pure form it is colourless, but it tends to have a yellowish colour due to its partial decomposition in water. It is an oxidizer, especially in higher concentration, and while not flammable it will react with many metals to generate flammable and explosive hydrogen gas. Commercial grade nitric acid is commonly available in concentrations of 57% and 67%.

The primary use of nitric acid is in the production of fertilizers. Other uses include the manufacture of explosives, rocket fuel, nylon and organic compounds. It is also used in the production of semiconductors, in electroplating, etching, purification of precious metals, and the cleaning of many metals.

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